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You Will Need Edit

First, you will need to pick a colour, you can choose any colour you want. (I used Red)

All the following items need to be the selected colour.

How it should look when finished, if you use red!

1 Vine Rug

2 Curved Couches

2 Plushies (The colour you selected)

2 Wavy Bookcases

1 Wall Ivy

1 Space Ship Window

1 Paradise Table

1 Heart Chocolates

1 Scented Candle

3 Mats

1 Clover Bench.

1 Cherry Tree

1 Arch Den Portal

Dust Stripe Wallpaper

Brown Tiles Flooring.

How To Decorate Edit

First, Place the wallpaper and flooring, and place the Den Portal in the doorway as a door.

Then in the first part of the den, put both the Curved Couches in a half circle.

Place a Plushie on each end of the Sofas, and the Vine Rug on the floor between them.

In the second half of the den, place both book shelves against the side wall, and the Space Ship Window on the wall opposite.

on the floor put the Paridise Table, with the three Mats around it,

and put the Heart Chocolates, and Scented Candle on the Table.

Please the Cover Bench in the middle of the Patio, and the cherry tree to the side of it.