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Lucky Home Den Edit

Okay, first, all the things you need are

  1. A Lucky Table
  2. A Lucky Chair
  3. A Lucky Lamp
  4. A Lucky Shoji Screen
  5. A Lucky Pillow
  6. A Clover Rug
  7. A Clover Window
  8. A Lucky Wreath
  9. A Spilled Flower Pot
  10. Sky Blue Walls
  11. And Lucky Clover(s)

​'Most all these items are found from the Lucky Clovers adventure, except Sky Blue Walls and Lucky Clover.

Where To Place Them... [Inside] Edit

You can really place them anywhere you'd like, but this is how it's supposed to look. 


The Inside of the House

You can add ANYTHING you'd like to improve it, or put anything any way you want. It's really your choice. Now for the outside....

Where To Place Them [Outside]Edit

The main things you would need for the outside. Well, you can have Lucky Clovers, and Spilled Flower Pots. Either side, backyard or front yard. Your choice. 

This Lucky Home is similar to the Lucky Party Den.

The Spilled Flower Pot, gotten from the Lucky Clovers adventure.