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Items you need to make a members only tree fort:

Seasonal trees (number of how many depending on how large you want it to be)

Cherry blossom tree (optional)

Paradise window

Patched rugs

Bamboo walls

"Bed" (clover fences, clover gate, plushie, two certain colored couches, optional)

RC car (optional)


Hanging lantern


How it should look when finished

How to make it:

First, get seasonal trees and make the interior and how large you want the fort to be

Put a hanging lantern outside

Put rugs for the floor

Add a bamboo wall for door

Add a lantern in the corner

Add the paradise window where you want it to be


Make the bed, suggesting is to put it in the corner

Put RC car where you want it

and then, add whatever you want!

Hope you enjoy, even though it sucks!

-Salem the cat, hypnotic noises, or jillysilly5