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The Non Member Hut is a small 'den' within dens at open areas. It's most viable at the Small den, as it can fit mostly everywhere, and it's for Non-Members. This den may be hard to make as the items are big in Quantity, and you'll need a decent amount of Gems. And Bamboo Fences are obviously needed, but they may be off stores. So you'll need to Trade.. Ok, so let's get started! Note: Don't notice the Little Halloween Bunny.. So we start of with a space in the den.

Hut spot

I chose the spot top left of the Den :D

Then we make the foundations, with Bamboo Fences. We'll need Six of these, or if you want to be Sneaky - and resourceful - You can use 4. If you indeed use 4, then you'll have to skip the top right and top left Bamboo fence placements. It'll look something like this..


After that finally, we make our Roof. This is important for Privacy, hiding, and just a Classic Hut look. It looks beautiful with Green Trees, but may look good with Orange or Yellow. If it does, please say in the Comments. Anyway, you'll put 2 carefully on the Bamboo beams closest to you on the entrance. Be careful not to put them infront of the Entrance, 'cuz then it looks horrible. Yes, I've did it.. Then you put a Fern in the middle of the tops of the trees where they connect, and careful not to show the pot. This is where you (if you haven't already) get rid of the Top left and Top right Bamboo fences.

Trees n ferns.

Then, before anything, these placements need to be perfect to get the 'Hut' feel. If you've did it right, then you're on the Right track, and this is pretty hard to do, so don't rage on your first try.. I've seen it happen. Anyway. Then we do the Messy part (>:D) We then put Three-six Mats of any color. I did Purple because I derped halfway through. We put them inside the Hut, and ta-dah!


To be Unique, you can put plants on the sides, or use Different tree variants. Or Different Pillow/ Cushion colors. Or even add more stuff. For me, I use Small Cactus to make mine unique.